Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Luv ? It'll b such a great feeling if we can care and luv each other with sincere heart . But as for me, i'll never feel it anymore coz no one can accept me as i'm deeply in luv wif him . Who wants to fall in luv wif me if they're already know dat my heart is wif somone else and no luv left for them ? As some quote says dat being deeply loved by sumone gives us STRENGTH, while loving sumone deply gives us COURAGE . And he inspires me and my luv to him makes me courage to stand alone happily by myself . But, even i've courage, my life is empty. By refuse to give luv because of i'm fear of get pain and frust again, my life is TOTALLY RUINED AND EMPTY. Wut shud i do to face my reality and life ???

I dun thnk he'll noe how much i luv him n how long it'll last coz i'll never told him and beg for his luv . and the hardest thng is he'll never want to noe at all . ~sigh~

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